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What’s the relation between design trends and clients’ needs? 

Generally, design trends interpret social transformations in a creative way. The new world order has disrupted the direction in which design was moving in the last two years in terms of the use of space (open, shared environments, large areas of shared use in apartment buildings). We already talked about the changes in the conception of domestic spaces due the new life routine (https://newcrazycolors.it/index.php/en/component/content/article/304-newletter/238-in-search-of-balance-between-home-and-work?Itemid=543), so what is the most important challenge for designers in 2021? 

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First of all, the house spaces should be developed following a multifunctional approach: this permits different family members to use it at the same time. It also means that environments, conceived before almost as a refuge, “a place to sleep”, will become more and more pleasant and relaxing: people prefer comfortable furnishings with long-lasting design that could also be multipurpose. 

The house is returning to be cozy, with a large use of antique and sculptural pieces in its spaces. The use of strong and bright colors in furnishing or decoration elements also returns.

The environments that previously seemed to have lost their value are not neglected anymore: the kitchens, large and easy-to-use, and the dining rooms, previously less and less used by the people who work, are returning to the fore.

Not the least is the tendency to set up, if possible, an outdoor space (garden or terrace), for which privacy and cozyness prevails. 

Home automation technologies that guarantee greater comfort as well as simplify daily life become essential.

Olga Bocharova

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