Spoiler Chair

During the Fuorisalone 2016 event, Bertone Design presented its new collection of “Spoiler Chairs” created with the significant contribution of the Terragni Group, the company’s partner for technical development and production.

Also Bodhi contributed with their expertise researching into new colours which could offer a sensory experience, managing to create 2 unique chairs made of photosensitive materials, able to reflect light in low light conditions. This collection was the official start of Bertone Design Interior, a division dedicated to the design of furnishings which draw inspiration from the typical elements of car design, Bertone’s traditional area of expertise. Its automotive “heritage” is easily noticed in every detail of the new object: all the supporting elements from the legs to the backrest recall the defined, shiny and strong lines of a sports car unibody; the seats, upholstered in leather and fabric, padded and ergonomic. And that’s the origin of the name “Spoiler Chair” chosen by Bertone Design to pay tribute to its past successes and at the same time project itself into an innovative future full of new objectives.